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Tekkit reset!

♚ Quantekk ♚ Site-AdminOwnerOP posted Nov 11, 14
We have recently the Tekkit server. We figured it was time for a fresh start and here you go! everything reset, shops, player data, maps and everything else! No crashes, no lag, have fun!

Don't forget to vote!

Darkness2995 Donator WHOOP WHOOP
BTwissle Donator Grr I am not a User i am a donator++

Website Awards System / Website Chat Module Changes

Flare__ Site-AdminHead-AdminOP
Flare__ @ Hexxit KitPvP
posted Jul 6, 14
Website Awards System

Recently Enjin added in a new awards system option to their websites
we have chosen to add this into our own so I guess you want to know
how to get them :) well some of you may already have them for a start
but I will explain anyway

1. Being a Helpful Member of the Forums/Website
2. Helping the Server find bugs and other problems so we can fix them
3. Playing and being a active and kind member

So now I bet you are wondering what is the point and or perks to these
"Awards" well other than having some amazing looking Badges on your
profile. Some awards will give you access to special sections of the

Eg. Special Sections of the Forums and there is more to come


For a long time we have had the PureChat chat module which allowed you 
to talk to online staff in the website which was good and all but the 
thing is there wasn't always a staff member logged into PureChat to 
talk to so what we have chosen to do it bring back the normal Enjin chat

But we haven't gotten rid of PureChat fully
Now PureChat will only Pop-Up when a staff member is online and ready to
talk which will make it a lot more easy to get help rather than checking
it every 10 minutes it will now only appear when a Operator is online

Also don't forgot to follow us on Twitter
also if you wish follow me as well

Thats all for now hope you all have fun - Quantekk Staff Team
Nathan2440 User Hey!
Alex Shaw (alexspohgebob) DonatorUser We Want the server to reset there's nothing to find and raid now :( and there's a lot of griefs
jov5 Donator when will u guys reset the server? it have been ages from last time.


Flare__ Site-AdminHead-AdminOP
Flare__ @ Hexxit KitPvP
posted May 11, 14

Hello I am happy to announce that we have had some donation price drops in the Quantekk Tekkit Donation Shop. These are our new prices :D enjoy

Quantekkian £40 > £30
Premium £20 > £15

Donator++ £7.50 > £5
Donator++ is no longer a monthly payment it is now a one time payment as well

Name Colours £1.50 > £1.00

Claim Blocks

1500 £5 > £4    1000 £4 > £3    500 £3 > £1.50
In-Game Money

$200,000 In game money £10 > $8    $100,000 In game money £5 > £4

Machine Pack £2 > £1.50    
Advanced Machine Pack £4 > £3

Thanks everyone for all your support and votes and enjoy your price drops :D Don't forget to VOTE! :P
-Head-Admin Flare__ and The Quantekk Tekkit Staff Team-

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