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There are 24 available spots for the FIRST buildin contest. To reserve a spot in the contest please commont on this post with your In Game Name of you and any additional members you want included in your plot.

Your names will be put on a sign in front of a plot and it will be yours. all plot designations are FINAL. they will be filled in front to back right to left.

Do /warp Building to get to the contest, it is held in PvE so dont worry about being killed.

1st place will receive 64HV solars, 8000 in game cash, and 2000 claim blocks.
2nd place will receive 32HV solars 2000 in game cash and 500 claim blocks.
3rd place will receive 16HV solars 1000 in game cash and 250 claim blocks.

First place will also decide the next building contests theme.

Admin _LanFear_ will try to hold theses at least once a month if not Bi-weekly.

During this event he will try to arrange for more staff to be present to help with any concerns you may have.

1. One plot per person.
2. No obscene or innapropriate builings/structures
3. No coping others. I am on you like a HAWK.
4. No machines, factories, or EMC generation of anysort. Its cuases too much lag.

post any questions below.

Jack User My IGN is Jack58
JonRichard123 User my name is JonRichard123 and i want to win ...

Valentine's Day Sale

Flare__ Untagged posted Feb 14, 15  -  Sale!

As a thank you for all your love and support we are having a Valentines day sale for the next 3 days there will be %15 all hexxit donations this sale will go from the 14th to the 17th

%15 Off All Donations

007v5 (Now iNoLife) User Hi guys its slayer75is ...
MattyB2010 Donator Hi flare
Latex14 Donator see

Tekkit reset!

♚ Quantekk ♚ Site-AdminOwnerOP posted Nov 11, 14
We have recently the Tekkit server. We figured it was time for a fresh start and here you go! everything reset, shops, player data, maps and everything else! No crashes, no lag, have fun!

Don't forget to vote!

Darkness2995 Donator WHOOP WHOOP
BTwissle Donator Grr I am not a User i am a donator++
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