A Sad Time

The_Fallen_0ne Site-AdminOwnerOPDonator posted Oct 10, 15

We are sorry to announce that our Tekkit Classic server will not be coming back online. We are sorry to those that have loved to play on this server and have come to call it a home. But there is hope! We are looking into replacing it with another mod pack. Maybe even Tekkit Legend. We would love to get your imputs on what you all would like to see and have fun on. Leave a comment or make a forum post. We cant wait to hear from you and as always Thank You for playing Quantekk.

The_Fallen_0ne Site-AdminOwnerOPDonator Message me if you have questions.
GoldenToasty User I would so much rather tekkit classic than anything else honestly, but if it has to be then tekkit legend
sharkhouse User I want to see a Tekkit Legend server .