What is Quantekk? The story. So In 2012 I created a simple Minecraft server (Tekkit) Known as Tekkit Classic to this day. Not knowing where it would go, I went into a business that I had no idea what and how to manage it, 2 weeks later the server has made over 200 GBP in donations and with a server full of 50+ players at peek times. And from there, I knew I was ready to learn. I simply was going on trial and error. From there I grew the name "Quantekk" in the minecraft society of custom servers

Then Hexxit was born. I think we all know what happened then. Thats what you are all here for right?


If you want me to put a real detailed story of Quantekk and my servers please let me know. Because if there are enough people I will!

Heres a little memory to share. Enjoy.

~British (known as Xvenom)